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The Morrison story

Montana blogs are buzzing about this story. I have to agree, it’s pretty damning. Like Touchstone, I think Morrison needs to answer the charges here. I have two main questions about it:

  • What else could Morrison have done against Tacke? I admittedly know little about what our State Auditor can do, so I wonder if he really was being all that lenient.
  • Are the anonymous sources to be trusted? I realize anonymous sources are an important part of journalism, but we can’t judge their credibility. Anymore information we can get would be good.

I’m inclined to go with the article at the moment, but those are possible points of weakness, at least in my view.

This combined with the fact that, according to Sheena, he took a rather lax stand on the NSA wiretapping leaves me not impressed at all. I imagine if I had gone to (or get to read more about) the debate, Morrison is going to come out at the bottom.

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