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This is funny

I’m sort of surprised AgapePress put this up:

Canadian Student Newspaper in Hot Water Over Controversial Cartoon of Christ

(AgapePress) – Canadian Christians are calling on the University of Saskatchewan to shut down its student newspaper after it published a pornographic cartoon blaspheming Jesus.

It sounds so familiar. The author addresses this starting in the third paragraph:

Randy Donauer, a spokesman for the Christian Centre, says The Sheaf controversy cannot be compared to the news story involving Muhammad cartoons and the ensuing Muslim violence.

“This is not a news story at all,” says Donauer. “This was not pertaining to a current event in Saskatoon, Canada, or the world. This was not pertaining to a religious event, or political event, or any event on campus.”

In fact, he says, “this was just an editorial cartoon that really serves no other purpose but to take a jab at the Christian community in our city and to do it in the most perverse, vulgar manner possible.”

Was that supposed to be convincing? The Danish cartoons were unnecessary provocations. The story could have been written without the cartoons, which they knew would cause an uproar.

Donauer says tax dollars should[sic] be used to fund a newspaper that is so offensive. But a spokeswoman for the university claims The Sheaf is an “independent” publication and is not publicly funded. Donauer contests that statement.

He says even though the school may not receive tax dollars in the form of a “straight check” from the government, “there is an agreement where they give a certain percentage of that over to The Sheaf for its operation.” In reality, says Donauer, the whole university is publicly subsidized. “It’s a government-owned institution, government-owned buildings, government-run everything.”

In other words, they want the government to exert its influence on public universities. What’s next, firing professors who publish something the government finds offensive? Maybe student newspapers should publish only news that reflects positively on the current administration? I’m sure they’d say they don’t want to go that far, but it’s essentially what they’re asking for. At least they’re in Canada (not that I wish them on Canada).

But hey, they aren’t rioting over it. Excuse me for not congratulating them.

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