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Well, I’m back at home from school and the Dark Tranquillity/Devildriver/Opeth show. I suppose a quick review is in order. I’m sure Soilworker will have a longer one later.

Dark Tranquillity opened and were excellent. A decent short setlist, I suppose. Devildriver were unimpressive, as I expected. Opeth were great. Their setlist was:

Ghost of Perdition
The Amen Corner
White Cluster
Baying of the Hounds
Under the Weeping Moon
The Grand Conjuration
The Drapery Falls
Deliverance (encore)

As far as I know, they’ve been playing Leper Affinity instead of The Drapery Falls and their usual Demon of the Fall encore instead of Deliverance. So I wasn’t expecting those two songs. Since I haven’t heard any of those songs live (except Closure), I was happy enough with the setlist. Other notable things: Mikael was way more talkative during this show than he was when I saw them on the Damnation tour. He also noted that the video for The Grand Conjuration wasn’t very good. Now, if only he’d realize the song isn’t any good either. We stood outside for a couple hours after the show and got autographs from all of Opeth, as well.

So, it was pretty fun. I’m going to go sleep now.

UPDATE: Here’s Soilworker’s review.

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  1. March 14, 2006 at 6:06 pm

    Hey, now that you’re back maybe you can fix your RSS feed. I’m only getting the feed for your comments, not your posts.

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