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I just signed up for the GOP e-brief, since Matt seems to find much amusement in it. Dave Budge already posted one curiosity from this week’s edition. I thought this one was strange:

For Accusing Senator Burns Of Being “Too Washington” After Holding A Recent Event At DC Hotspot Café Citron, John Morrison (D-MT) Receives Today’s “Politician Award.”

Yesterday Montana Democrat Senate Candidate John Morrison Called Senator Conrad Burns’ “Too Washington” Based On His “Wait And See” Position On The Dubai Ports.

Morrison: “On something as important as our national security, that’s a little too ‘Washington’ for my taste.” (Morrison For Montana, Press Release, “Morrison On 45-Day Review Of Proposed UAE Takeover Of U.S. Ports: 45-Day Review Not Enough To Make Up For Pre-9/11 Security Record,” March 1, 2006.

Too Washington? Really? That’s Funny Coming From Morrison Who Held A Meet And Greet At Dupont Circle Hotspot Café Citron Last Wednesday.

“Janet and Danna cordially invite you to join us for a Happy Hour ‘Meet and Greet’ with Montana Auditor and United States Senate Candidate, John Morrison.[“]

That’s the response? Morrison accuses Burns of not taking a stand for purely political reasons and the GOP complains that he held an event in D.C.? I’m not impressed.

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