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Since I don’t really have anything else to write about, and I’m busy playing with K2, a website I’m building (for money, no less), and a paper that’s due Thursday, I thought I’d write up my (brief) thoughts on John Morrison. He gave a little talk and answered some questions last night for mostly college students over at Columbo’s.

First the shallow stuff. He seems likable enough, spoke well, etc. You’d sort of expect that. His short speech wasn’t bad. It certainly didn’t come off as Republican-lite, like some suggest. Then again, he was speaking to a group of college kids at an event sponsored by MSU College Dems. Anyway, he was asked why we should support him over Jon Tester and his answer was basically that he can raise more money and get support from important people/groups that might not ordinarily support a Senate challenger. He did say he probably agrees with Tester on most things, but it is sort of disappointing that he didn’t point out any real differences between himself and Tester on the ideas side of things.

I’m still a bit disappointed that he didn’t answer Intelligent Discontent‘s questions, like Tester and Richards, but I’m not really holding that against him. There also seems to be a lot more information on the Internet about Tester. That’s also a bit disappointing, but hopefully he’ll rectify it soon.

I look forward to seeing Tester do the same sort of the thing for us. It’s way too early and I’m currently way too uninformed for this to mean much right now, but I am leaning towards Morrison at the moment.

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