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Poor, deluded Tammy

February 17, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

Tamara Hall has a column today. If you don’t know who she is, just use the search tool in the corner. This week, she writes about Jack Abramoff.

Those who throw mud will succeed only in losing ground.

If you throw enough mud, some of it is bound to stick.

Sen. Conrad Burns believes in the first axiom and, therefore, pledges to run a positive campaign based on his vision for Montana. The Democratic Party believes in the second axiom and, therefore, is committed to the character assassination of Sen. Burns.

Sen. Burns is a man of integrity who has served Montana with honor. Let’s wipe away the mud and look at the facts:

I wouldn’t expect any less from Tammy. Republicans are saints, Democrats are sinners. The mean ‘ol Democrats just won’t play fair.

Fact #1: Lobbying is not illegal.

No shit.

Fact #2: Jack Abramoff is not going to jail for lobbying.

Another recurring theme: we’re all idiots who don’t understand what’s going on and Tammy must enlighten us.

Fact #3: Abramoff’s Tribal clients did not violate the law in giving large sums of money to Democrats and Republicans. Indian Reservations are considered sovereign nations and, therefore, exempt from campaign finance laws. Gambling Casinos on reservations make more money than Las Vegas and Atlantic City combined. Abramoff was an equal-opportunity felon: He directed his clients to give money to the campaigns of both parties. Abramoff’s scheme was unveiled when he took millions from one tribe, and then worked for another tribe with competing interests.

And you thought she was going to stick to talking down to us. Nope, she has to spread some misinformation. I would say she’s lying, but she’s probably not. She’s so completely deluded that the truth has very little chance of actually getting through. You’re all welcome to go look at what an independent campaign finance firm found about this “bipartisan” scandal.

Fact #4: Abramoff deceived hundreds of Democrats, Republicans, clients and government officials. So why is Conrad Burns the target of attack ads and negative headlines? The answer is simple: Sen. Burns is running for re-election in a seat the National Democratic party has declared “the cheapest buy in the country.” Compared to the $30 million necessary to run a senate campaign in New York, Montana’s $5 million race is a drop in the political bucket. Therefore, the National Democratic Party and MoveOn.org have sent paid operatives into Montana to destroy Conrad’s reputation with innuendo, half-truths, supposition and speculation.

Or, maybe it’s because Burns received the most money of any Congressman from Abramoff clients. Maybe it’s because he appears to have changed his mind about a couple bills after receiving a donation (and you know, can’t keep his stories straight about why). Maybe it’s because a couple of his staffers took an Abramoff-funded Super Bowl trip that’s now under investigation.

Nah, he’s just a victim of those “paid operatives” Tammy is so paranoid about.

Montana voters expect candidates to engage in passionate debate over issues, political philosophy and voting records. They will not be diverted by mud-slinging and character assassination.

But of course, they’ll be convinced by her vacuous partisanship.

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  1. February 17, 2006 at 6:00 pm

    Pretty clearly off message here. Conrad Burns is the one who implied taking money from tribes is the equivalent of doing favors for Abramoff.

    Tamara Hall is more of a partisan hack than any blogger in this state. She’s also a worse writer than almost any blogger in this state.

    Honestly, can’t we find a decent conservative to replace her, so I don’t want to gouge out my eyes when I read the Chronicle?

  2. February 17, 2006 at 6:32 pm

    I’m going to try and post about it soon, but I honestly believe you’re going to start hearing more and more of this BS from and in the Chronicle. Though our local leaders don’t seem to be, the town itself is charging to the right faster than a gazelle with a cheetah on its tail.

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