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It wasn't like that when I was there.

February 17, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

Jeez, high school’s gettin’ a bit crazy:

It’s been getting harder these last few days- just attending school, that is. The hallways erupt with violence every time you turn around, hideous scars infest the student population- wounds from battle, they are. And the worst part- oh lord, the worst part- they want this! Every child grades 9-12 welcomes an attack for the simple fact that they will get to “distribute the hurt”. It’s no longer “there will be blood, oh yes, there will be blood”- Nay! The crimson liquid of life is already being spilt upon the floors of every hall, the streets of town, the trees of the forest, the innocent on-looking puppy dogs! The beautifully peaceful snow-covered ground is stained red with hatred while the towns people avert their eyes, crying out “Oh God, why do they do this? What unpardonable sin have we done to thee for our children to act such!”

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