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I think I want to buy a new hard drive for my laptop. My laptop is rather old (pushing 4 years) and I only have a 30 GB hard drive. I can double the space for $85, which would be alright. The thing is, I plan on buying a new desktop computer when (no if’s! Think positive!) I get a job after graduating. At that point, a 2.5″ drive isn’t particularly useful. So it’d be a waste of $85, probably. Then again, I can’t do much more to conserve space on this drive, which is at about half a gig free. Of course, replacing the hard drive also means reinstalling Windows and all that crap. But, I could probably put Linux on it, too. I think I’d want to buy a USB 2.0 PCMCIA card, too, as my mp3 collection from my portable player is the majority of what’s on my current drive, and USB 1.1 is slow. Those are about $30 at the campus bookstore.

Decisions, decisions.

On an unrelated note, The Exponent, our school newspaper, really is quite bad, isn’t it? The opinion section was/is the most interesting part and the two columns I read were pretty bad. One kid decided to tell us Democrats suck because they don’t have any ideas and are dividers. Something about the way it was written was off-putting as well. The other one I read railed against Hollywood trying to force homosexuality on the country. Silly and certainly not unique, though it was weird that the person was arguing that Hollywood is making it seem like homosexuality is widespread and normal. Normal, alright, but widespread?

UPDATE: Completely forgot about buying a 3.5″ drive and an external enclosure with firewire. Looks like that’s about $80 with a 40 GB drive.

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