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Chronicle picks up Wikipedia story

Though Left in the West pointed it out weeks ago, the Chronicle noticed just today:

Someone from Sen. Conrad Burns’ office apparently edited the senator’s entry on the popular online encyclopedia Wikipedia in January to remove a controversial remark he had made about Arabs, the Web site reported Tuesday.

A recent investigation by Wikinews — Wikipedia’s fact-checking service — found that an unknown editor using an Internet protocol address assigned to the Republican senator’s office removed references to a comment Burns made in 1999 calling Arabs “ragheads” and his voting record on Native American issues.

Let’s not forget that they added a paragraph apparently written by a nine year old, too.

One part made me a bit curious:

Burns’ spokesman James Pendleton dismissed Wikinews’ findings when asked about it Wednesday, pointing to the site’s open-source nature.

“They have exactly zero credibility,” he said. “Because there is no fact-checking, anybody can go in and put in whatever they want.”

Assuming Williams didn’t take Pendleton out of context, that’s a ridiculously stupid answer. The Wikipedia software logs the IP addresses of those who edit entries. It’s not done by users. No user can make a revision using any IP they want. It just doesn’t work that way.

(via Intelligent Discontent)

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