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A bigger problem than creationists

People like this.

As debating creation vs. evolution continues to draw those who seek to win, I am comforted to know that it isn’t about winning in theory, nor about making one look like a fool for no other reason than to feel better about oneself. I am saddened every time I read yet another “opinion” on this matter because everyone seems to be missing the bigger picture.

At this point, I’m hoping it’s some sort of humanist “we’re all in this together” sort of comment. I’m disappointed:

This is not a debate that one can be moved or swayed by fighting and belittling, and that is what has happened. Every one is entitled to their own “opinion” even if in the end it is the wrong one. I believe in something far bigger than a debate, and I believe at the eye of the “storm” is the “heart” of the matter.


Has anyone thought to stop and recognize that the heart is where the debate truly is roaring? That it isn’t about being a scientist nor about how much evidence we believe we have to be right. It isn’t about making others look like fools so that one can feel bigger and better about themselves. It is about Souls. It is about Eternity. Where does one go after breathing their last breath?

*sound of my head hitting the table*

Maybe someone bigger than all the rest of us is tugging on the heart of an “Old Scientist.” I believe that someone is and will continue to use those who care about the heart of the matter to deliver truth to those who run from it. I believe that a hard heart can be softened not by debating, but by prayer. In the end, “every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord” whether we believe now or on that day. I pray it is now.

So, this is her vision of the future. We don’t debate, we pray. May the correct conception of God win. Because we all know where rational debate gets us: here. Oops, that’s what happens when we have no respect for it. My bad.

Her “bigger picture” is “all you non-believers will get what’s coming to you in the end.” Color me unimpressed. Evolution doesn’t say there’s no life after death. Evolution doesn’t say we don’t souls. Evolution doesn’t say there’s no god. Turning the debate into those questions keeps us from moving forward in our understanding of the world. If anything’s a sin, surely it’s that.

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