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Fox does psychics

Fox News has a quite silly article up on psychics. Someone went in search of psychic counsel for whatever reason. I do believe this has the strangest “balance” I’ve ever seen. The writer seems aware that this is all nonsense, but presses on:

If you don’t have a certain level of belief in, or at least a fairly open mind about, paranormal phenomena, there’s not much point to pursuing psychic counsel.

As amazed and impressed as I was with my sessions with both Fahrusha and Robinson, I was also aware of the information and clues about myself I was transmitting, and of the general nature of much of what they say.

Might I suggest that you shouldn’t been impressed if you knew that the information could be gleaned from your body language?

Within a few days of each reading, I’ve managed to make most of their predictions and pronouncements, particularly Robinson’s, fit my life, even those that seemed not to fit at the time.

On the other hand, my natural inclination to believe in this sort of thing is tempered by the fact that neither seemed to pick up on the fact that I have a daughter or mentioned anything about seeing a little girl in my life. If you are a true skeptic, a session won’t convince you.

Translation: if you’re willing to think about this sort of thing, you don’t believe it. Apparently that doesn’t have much pull with her.

Additionally, there’s no question that the field is rife with charlatans, fakes and performers. But while there’s no concrete way to verify or assure that your psychic’s gifts are “real,” this is a world that operates on reputation, referrals and peer-to-peer endorsement. No one hates a fake psychic more than an authentic one does — they take their profession seriously and seem to do a good job of keeping the con artists far from their circle.

Um, I have a question. How exactly do you know which ones are authentic and which ones are charlatans?

They also appear to adhere to a code of ethics regarding client privacy and the sharing of bad news. Client identities are never divulged and, I am assured, sessions are completely confidential. A psychic who sees something truly horrible like a car crash or serious illness in your future probably won’t tell you that, but instead will advise you to be careful driving or to pay attention to your health.

You were assured that it was confidential! This from the people that even she could sort of see through.

It’s also nice to see that their code of ethics neatly coincides with not upsetting the customer. I mean, if a psychic tells you you’re about to die, are you really going to come back?

While not completely credulous, this article is quite bizarre. It’s like she wants to be separated from her money by people she really knows aren’t doing anything that amazing.

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