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I have to say, the Barnes & Noble Current Events section is a mess. Have you ever noticed that customers sometimes put books of a certain political viewpoint in front of books with the opposing political viewpoint? Well, there were around seven conservative (-ish, The Case for Israel isn’t conservative, but the point of view is found more on the right than the left) books placed in front of liberal (again, generally – James Yee’s memoir was covered up) books. I’ve seen this done before, by both sides, but not quite to this extent. I don’t understand the motive. I’m quite convinced whoever did this is a moron. I’m not looking at those books and saying “hmm, this book about Bush is in front this book by Jimmy Carter, Bush must be better than Jimmy Carter.”

For whatever reason I now have another fairly long book to read. It’s not like I don’t finish these 450+ page (I’m not counting footnotes) books, but it can easily become a chore. One of the few books I’ve bought and not finished, The Columbia History of Western Philosophy, is in this category. It just got too boring (sorry Wulfgar!) to finish. You’d think it’d be more interesting than books about Nazi Germany, but no dice. This one’s on the Constitution, so there’s potential, but I’m fairly sure I’ll finish it.

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