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Music Randomness

The Haunted – [One Kill Wonder #05] D.O.A [4:22]
The Cure – [Disintegration #03] Closedown
The Haunted – [Haunted #02] Chasm
A Silver Mt. Zion – [He Has Left Us But Shafts Of Light Sometimes Grace the Corners of Our Rooms #04] Movie (Never Made)
Impaled – [Mondo Medicale #09] Rest in Fæces
Anathema – [A Natural Disaster #08] Flying
Lacuna Coil – [Comalies #12] Angel’s Punishment
Epoch of Unlight – [The Continuum Hypothesis #07] Broken Pendulum
Dark Tranquillity – [The Mind’s I #03] Hedon
Radiohead – [Ok Computer #04] Exit Music (for a Film)

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