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Only one more!

December 14, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

Four out of five finals finished. So far none of them have really been bad, but I certainly haven’t aced any. I think I’m looking at a 3.1 GPA or so, which is a bit disappointing. Still, 16 credits of CS courses in a semester is not easy. Next semester should be interesting. Not so hard classes, but I’m supposed to find a job. That oughta be a nerve-wracking experience.

On a related note, there are two software companies around Bozeman that I’m aware of: RightNow Technologies and Zoot Enterprises. If you happen to know of others, leave a comment. I would like to stay around here.

Now I’ll proceed to do nothing for the rest of today and most of tomorrow. Finals week off days are incredibly boring.

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  1. Colby
    December 14, 2005 at 3:36 pm

    Heh, my mother-in-law is one of the administrative types at Zoot, I think she is finance or accounting or something. Seems like a pretty cool place.

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