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That’s what we are, apparently. Montana garnered an “F” from the Fordham Foundation regarding our state science standards:

The remarkably compact Montana standards are all right as far as they go but they go, only very little of the necessary way. They are far too coarse-grained for the purposes they are supposed to serve. By themselves, they cannot be used to construct curriculum or examinations, to guide textbook publishers, or—and this is by no means a lesser concern—to explain to the interested public just what Montana students are supposed to learn about science.

The Content Standards, Benchmarks, and Performance Standards all produce the same letdown: they are too general, and they begin with verbs like analyze, infer, investigate, and evaluate, which are used as if they had no specific meaning. Statements to the effect that students will “know” something are remarkable by their absence. Chemistry content is mostly missing.

Um, ouch?

(via The Panda’s Thumb)

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