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Well then, next week is “dead week.” Which of course, is a ridiculous name for it at universities that don’t give you a week off. I have a ton of stuff due:

Monday: Databases project (basically done with implementation, still have the report part to finish)
Tuesday: 3D Maze solver program (I’ve finished this three times, actually. An unprecendented show of initiative), Networks lab final (not fun), Software Engineering quiz
Wednesday: Networks quiz, CRC program (done, but need to finish report)
Thursday: Pure nothingness
Friday: Databases presentation, Cribbage program (about half-way), Operating Systems paper (my part is done), Final networks program (our lab machines + pthreads = suck)

So then, I’m in decent shape, I think. Compared to certain other people, this seems like a vacation.

On an unrelated note, I seem to be turning this blog to all Christmas all the time. I just find this subject fascinating.

On a somewhat related note, I seem to have received a Christian powerpoint presentation. Like those stupid forwarded emails, but all fancy.

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  1. December 3, 2005 at 3:11 pm

    Good luck with all that.

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