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Confusing Moments in History

Joseph: Alright, let’s go. We’re off to Bethlehem.
Mary: I don’t know. Is it really good for me to be traveling in this condition?
Joseph: Look, we have to go register for the census.
Mary: But we live here, not Bethlehem. Isn’t the point of a census to figure out where we live now, so they know were to collect taxes from?
Joseph: When Quirinius says to go, you go.
Mary: Who?
Joseph: Quirinius.
Mary: Who cares what he says?
Joseph: He’s the governor!
Mary: I thought that was Saturninus.
Joseph: Oh. I think you’re right.
Mary: So, some random asshole tells you head to Bethlehem for a census that defies the logic of censuses and you automatically comply?
Joseph: Yeah.
Mary: You’re an idiot.
Joseph: Wait, what year is it?
Mary: 4 BCE. [translated for your benefit]
Joseph: I thought it was 6 CE. [again, translated for your benefit]
Mary: You know, I think you’re right. Quirinius is the governor!
Joseph: Yeah, let’s get going.
Mary: Wait, didn’t they split off Galilee? Quirinius doesn’t rule here, Archelaus does. He can’t take a census in a place he doesn’t control!
Joseph: Maybe you’re right. Still, he was pretty adamant about it.
Mary: *sigh* Fine. Let’s go.

And Biblical apologists have been doing mental gymnastics trying to explain their decision ever since.

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