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Oh, Tammy

November 11, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

I haven’t discussed a Tammy Hall column in quite a while. Wulfgar usually does it very well. Today’s column, however, is more pathetic than usual.

Let’s see if I have this correct. According to a flight attendant, who told a flight attendant, who told a union representative, who alerted the national press, Sen. Conrad Burns is sexist.

Oh please. What nonsense.

Why exactly does her characterization cast doubt on the story? I’m at a loss. Tammy appears to be trying to suggest that we’re getting third hand hearsay. That’s the only possible explanation I can see for her conclusion. But her characterization isn’t even correct: two flight attendants were present, one of them told another one, who wrote a letter to Burns and sent a copy to several Montana newspapers. It should also be noted that Burns didn’t actually deny he made the comment.

Nonsense? Only the tortured version of events that made it into Tammy’s head qualifies.

Allow me to share a true, first-hand airplane story regarding another Montana senator.

This is where it gets bizarre.

I was sitting in the second row of a recent flight out of Bozeman. Sen. Baucus was seated across the aisle in row 3. As the plane backed away from the gate, a female flight attendant asked each person in first class if they owned the black carry-on bag that was on seat 3B. Every person, including Sen. Baucus, responded, “No.” As we backed down the runway, a second female flight attendant used the intercom to ask passengers to ring their call-bell if a black carry-on in a third-row seat of first class belonged to them. She warned the pilot would be forced to return to the terminal and disembark all passengers if the bag was not immediately claimed.

We waited.

No one rang the button.

The flight attendant repeated her warning. An audible mumble reverberated through both cabins: a terrorist attack was improbable but delayed flights and missed connections were a certainty.

The airplane stopped on the runway. Once again, the senior flight attendant approached the passengers individually. This time, Sen. Baucus looked up from his newspaper and casually announced, “Oh, that’s my bag.”

I briefly thought, “What a self-centered fool — he doesn’t even realize the stress he just caused?”

What does this have to do with anything? Is this going to defend Burns somehow? Nope. Tammy has decided to defend…herself?

I now realize I shirked my duty as a concerned citizen. I should have called the national press. It is obvious that Sen. Baucus doesn’t respect women: he ignored several personal and public pleas for assistance. I can only imagine how much faster he would have responded had the flight attendants been males. Furthermore, Sen. Baucus’ negligence is a clear indicator of deep-rooted disregard for national security.

I’m a political activist. Why didn’t I think of alerting the media?

The answer is simple: In spite of my many disputes with Sen. Baucus’ voting record, it would never occur to me to rely on suppositions to manipulate an election.

Yeah…what? In nearly every column Tammy writes, she relies on her suppositions (liberals are arrogant and evil, while conservatives are the saviors of America) to manipulate public opinion.

Note what Hall is about to do here. She’s about to use her suppositions about the flight attendants’ motives and her story about Baucus to manipulate an election (isn’t this story a bit early to be affecting an election?).

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the National Democratic Committee and of the MoveOn.org boys who have called Montana’s Senate seat the cheapest buy in the country. A quick review of the Web sites of arrogant liberals reveals their campaign strategy: They plan to paint Sen. Burns’ straight-talking conservatism as “good ole boy ignorance.” Well, I have news for the out-of-state political operatives: Montanans are fair-minded people.

Tammy, you’re just not fooling anyone. She apparently things MoveOn is behind the accusations of the flight attendants. What evidence does she have? Her own suppositions, of course. Tammy is just not good at the whole consistency thing.

The media may be quick to fall into the nationally orchestrated character assassination of Sen. Burns, but I plan to make it my personal goal to expose the smear tactics. Montanans deserve legitimate political discourse, not dirty political tricks.

Oh Tammy, we know that isn’t true. You’ve just smeared a couple of flight attendants as MoveOn operatives out to attack Sen. Burns by whatever means necessary.

In Tammy’s world, she’s the beacon of truth. I don’t do the things those nasty MoveOn liberals do. I won’t smear people. I’ll give you the straight truth. Listen to me.

Oh please.

In Tammy’s world, smears only go one way. Liberals smear conservatives, but conservatives argue for their ideas. Which seem to be that liberals are dishonest, arrogant, and the root of all the problems in this country.

Oh please.

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  1. November 14, 2005 at 8:44 am

    Damn well said. I think you and I were sharing a brain late last week, though. 😉

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