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City Commission debate

Despite the fact that I can’t vote here, I went to the City Commission debate last night.

I know little about city issues or the candidates, so I came in with few biases (other than the fact that MSU College Dems and Gallatin Democrats are pushing Becker). For the people who sort of care and don’t live here (which is probably no one), there’s a list of the candidates here.

Generally, none of them seem like terrible candidates. I think Rupp and Becker came off the best and Smith and Hietela the worst. Jacobson didn’t really stand out and I’m not sure what to think about Henyon. Becker was smacked pretty good by Smith when he asked a question about business vs. individuals. The question probably didn’t help him overall (it made him look anti-business and divisive), but he seemed to bounce back by emphasizing his small business credentials.

If I can be shallow for a moment, Smith and Hietela came off as unlikable. Hietala was quite inarticulate (which is probably not something I, of all people, should dislike a person for) and Smith was just irritating.

Also, I really do hate the saying “outside the box.” And I really hate extensions of it: “I don’t just encourage people to think outside the box, I encourage them to get outside and stand on top of the box and look at things from a completely different perspective.” Shut the hell up.

This really is an excessively negative blog, isn’t it?

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  1. October 28, 2005 at 7:58 am

    Becker was on the Citizen’s Voice radio show a couple of Saturdays ago. He’ a smart and capable guy with a practicle understanding of growth issues, something I don’t think a few of the other candidates share. The guy impressed the hell out of me.

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