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One test down, three to go this week. I’ve started off in fairly unremarkable fashion, sadly, and it only gets worse from here. At least I get a break after Wednesday to prepare for the final and worst test of the week.

In other news, Foobar 2k has decided to, uh, die. I have no idea what happened. It looks like I’ll have to reinstall and build the UI again. At least some of my settings are saved.

Matt has some more info on our governor’s Fischer-Tropsch-esque (I’ve never heard Fischer-Tropsch pronounced, so that word could be completely ridiculous) synfuel creation idea. So, go check that out. They’re apparently having an energy summit around these parts this week and on Wednesday this means several of my classes have been kicked out of their normal rooms. One has even been canceled. This seems to be a recurring theme; one my classes last week was canceled because of a discussion with the Stibitz award winners (Ross Perot (really), John Blankenbaker, and Paul Barran).

Finally, I believe The Colbert Report premieres tonight. Should be great.

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  1. ffanatic
    October 17, 2005 at 8:33 pm

    My foobar mysteriously died on me as well, a few weeks back. I went to load it, and my UI scheme was gone. I went to load the program again (and again), but to no avail. My setup just completely evaporated. It wasn’t cool, but I found a better version of the scheme I was using online so it worked itself out. I just hope this isn’t a permanent glitch or something in the program itself.

  2. October 17, 2005 at 9:42 pm

    That’s basically what happened to me. I had a failure.txt pop up after the last time it ran correctly and after I fixed a bunch of stuff (and my config was reset again).

    I’m too lazy to fix it at the moment so I’m just using musikCube.

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