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Karen Pfaehler, Vice Chairman of the Montana Republican Party, has a letter defending Miers in the paper today. She really does try her best:

President Bush’s Supreme Court nominee, Harriet Miers, is the perfect example of an American success story. She was a young woman who refused to adhere to social standard that women could not supersede in the legal profession. Miers headed off to Southern Methodist University for a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and her law degree three years later. For a female entering the legal field in 1972, her prospects were not as hot as her abilities clearly were, but her determination landed her a job as the first woman hired at Locke, Purnell, Rain & Harrell in Dallas. Just over two decades later, she became the firm’s first female president.

Go Miers! Of course, is that really all we’re asking for in a Supreme Court justice?

Harriet Miers may not be an Ivy League-educated former Supreme Court clerk who has parked her career in the federal judiciary, but she could not be more qualified for the Supreme Court. She is a woman who has literally blazed a trail for women to follow while maintaining a confident humility that earns the admiration and praise from those who have worked with her — including the president of the United States.

Oh, I guess that is all we’re asking for. Did she really blaze much of a trail? It doesn’t seem like it. Then again, she did all that in Texas, so maybe I’m being too harsh. Still, is that really as qualified as you can be? She wouldn’t be more qualified if she had some judicial experience? Knowledge of constitutional law? No? And here I thought we were supposed to make arguments based on logic and reason, not the upside down world of Republican hackery.

Oh wait, she’s been praised by the President! Praise Jesus, she must be a damn saint! How could I miss that!

President Bush knows Harriet Miers as well as any president has ever known a Supreme Court nominee. Perhaps the most important role she has filled for the president though has been serving as his right hand for finding nominees to fill judicial vacancies. In her time assisting the president in this capacity, she has recommended very well qualified nominees who share the president’s, and her own, philosophy toward the law — sitting judges like Priscilla Owen, Janice Rogers Brown, and Chief Justice John Roberts.

During the course of President Bush’s interview process to find potential replacements for Justice O’Connor and Chief Justice Rehnquist, the president met with the finest conservative jurists in the country, many of whom would make outstanding Supreme Court justices. But in that process, the president found that in every interview he conducted, one person always fit the type of justice who would most closely adhere to the principles he believes would make a great justice: Harriet Miers.

That’s supposed be a plus? To me, it just makes our President look like a bit less than “the most brilliant man [Miers] has ever met.”

Really, though, Ann Coulter (I’m not responsible for injuries sustained during visits to that site) won’t even buy the “trust Bush” argument. How much of a partisan hack do you have to be to support arguments even Coulter thinks are bogus?

Can Ms. Pfaehler sleep at night? Does she really believe she’s laid out a convincing case for Miers’s confirmation? Is she really such a partisan zombie that she believes Bush’s word and judgement are infallible? All of these questions are worth pondering.

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