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Hairy Polarity

If you haven’t seen the Truth For Youth comics before, you’re missing out. Absolutely bizarre fundamentalists comics with better artwork than Jack Chick, but the same amount of craziness. They deal with subjects ranging from evolution to homosexuality to drugs.

They have a new one out, though you can only read the first 7 pages. That’s plenty. A couple of “Hairy Polarity” fans get drawn into a world of witchcraft, apparently. The sample stops just after they’re drugged during a satanic ritual. Great stuff. Curiously, a sign on page 3 informs us that “Dr. Bela Verbosi,” the author of “Hairy Polarity” has a coma. Hopefully that comes into play later; it seems like a really bizarre thing to put in for no reason.

In any case, go entertain yourself for a while. Where else can you get a comic that has characters claiming witchcraft is real and others saying “no diggity”?

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