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Actually, I have homework to do, but I’ve decided that I’ve done enough for tonight. So, I might as well take on the anti-evolution letter in the paper today.

Teach the truth

1) The name of Charles Darwin’s book itself tells the story of how it aided present-day racism: “The Origin of Species By Means of Natural Selection and Preservation of favored Races.” Who are the “favored races”? According to Hitler, not the Jews. He was only aiding in the evolutionary process.

My goodness, how wrong can you get? First, it’s irrelevant to the correctness of evolution. Second, Darwin’s use of “races” doesn’t mean human races.

2) The pickle only serves to illustrate that fossilization doesn’t take millions of years — a problem with that?

Background: some creationist museum uses a fossilized pickle to show fossilization doesn’t necessarily take millions of years. Then again,who cares?

3) Creationists do not have a disdain for scientific inquiry. On the contrary, many of us love science. If, in truth, “science is all about physical evidence and not opinion,” explain why all radio carbon datings must coincide with a geologic column that exists, in complete order, in only one place in the world — textbooks. They use the layers to date the fossils and the indicator fossils to date the layers (hmm?).

Or not.

There is no transitional fossil record.


No one has ever seen any kind of plant or animal produce any other kind.

What would these “kinds” be? Shouldn’t someone with a love for science be using the actual scientific classifications?

But, perhaps those “painstaking studies of tens of millions of years ago” will one day accomplish something besides promotion of the state religion of humanism.

No secular before humanism? I’m disappointed; I thought we atheists controlled the school system.

Not that the bones they uncover and fossils they preserve so well is a waste or a direct promotion of evolutionary theory; there is much value and much to be gained by these studies. However, presenting dates and explanations as fact, that are really only theory, is not only lying, it is misleading a generation of children. For that there is no excuse.

Shouldn’t someone with a love for science know what theory actually means? Shouldn’t they know that evolution isn’t taught differently than any other theory? I guess not.

Talk about myths, let’s get this junk out of textbooks, admit that evolution is just as much a religious view as is creationism. Let’s teach the science, the truth.

Well, you know an anti-evolution letter wouldn’t be complete without calling evolution a religion. I’m just wondering why it’s not “evolutionism.”

That’s my half ass response. TO makes things too easy.

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