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Bush's second nomination

Well, Bush has made his second selection. It’s pretty entertaining to see the conservative reaction to Miers, but in this case I don’t see the negative reaction as a positive. For all intents and purposes, she appears to be a Bush crony (in the extreme, it seems) with little relevant experience (but really, what the hell would a CS major know about that?). If she isn’t a lot more forthcoming than Roberts at her confirmation hearings, I think I would have to say she shouldn’t be confirmed (by comparison, I gave a sort of half-ass endorsement of Roberts). Even if she is forthcoming, there are still significant problems, though her views look to be pretty moderate.

It seems like there are two explanations of this pick: her extreme loyalty to Bush and the shying away from an open fight by Bush. It’s probably a little of both; I can’t decide which might be the deciding factor, though.

Still, as with the Roberts nomination, it could be worse.

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