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Well, that sucked

September 17, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

I finally watched The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy last night. I can’t say I liked it. Mos def was terrible, Martin Freeman was ok, and Zooey Deschanel was decent enough. I can’t say Sam Rockwell’s portrayl of Zaphod was close to anything I’ve seen or imagined, but he was at least sort of funny. It wasn’t a complete waste; Alan Rickman did a good job as Marvin and I found the worship scene at Humma Kavula’s planet pretty funny. Along the same line, while the proof of God’s nonexistence via Babelfish wasn’t in the movie, it is a special feature on the DVD. Better than nothing, I suppose. Bill Nighy did a pretty good job with Slartibarfast. Really though, the problems were with the script, not the actors. Anyway, I certainly won’t be buying this. Bad special effects notwithstanding, the TV series blows this thing away.

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