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Only back a day…

…and I find a letter in the Chronicle that irritates the hell out of me:

Human Rights group undermining the Constitution

I need to write this letter due to the Human Rights Network’s actions a few weeks ago. They scolded three legislators for attending a Liberty Summit meeting.

Here’s the article.

So, let’s look at the Human Rights Network.

1) They want to control who goes to different meetings. That’s unconstitutional.

How stupid do you have to be to write that? Seriously. It’s beyond comprehension.

2) They want to control who can have meetings. That’s unconstitutional

Again, what the hell? I feel like I’d be treating anyone reading this like a child if I pointed out the flaws here.

3) They do not want any direction from the Christians. I see that in their negative comments about Christianity. (That’s where the Constitutional writers got their direction). That’s especially stupid since we know that approximately 92 percent of all citizens believe in God. That is not unconstitutional, but objecting to Christianity is an idiotic idea. Yes, they finally exposed themselves — against our Constitution and against Christianity.

Will the persecution complex ever go away? For crying out loud! Among the many problems here, I especially like how the author equates belief in God with being a Christian. How’s that for small-minded?

Really, the citizens should quit supporting the Human Rights Network before Toole and his friend have a chance to get into power and try to ruin our Constitution and our government.

Hey, that’s how I feel about the theocrats in the Constitution Party!

Jeez, what a start to the school year.

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  1. August 29, 2005 at 10:29 pm

    Didn’t you get the memo, Jeff? Nonchristians only count when citing misleading statistics; otherwise, they’re just hellbound sinners.

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