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Random thoughts

It seems like Lucas is doing more Star Wars whoring than usual. Darth Dew, ringtones, numerous Burger King commercials, etc. Maybe it’s not unlike the the last two, but it sure seems like it.

Family Guy on Sunday was hilarious, easily the best this season so far.

I absolutely hate that GE clean coal commercial. It’s not that the subject matter or the visuals are bad, it’s the damn song. It drives me nuts.

I should get the System of a Down CD tomorrow. I’m pretty impressed by it, which I guess isn’t surprising since I like all their other stuff. I’m just sort of used to seeing the more mainstream bands I like start to suck, due shifts in my taste or the loss of the ability to write interesting music. Their single, B.Y.O.B., is really catchy and really good, despite some of the silly political lyrics (Why don’t presidents fight the wars?/Why do they always send the poor?).

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