Duck! has an article on the NRA’s assault (ha!) on Kerry’s gun rights record. One of the things they say is that legislation he supported would have banned some pump action shotguns. This isn’t true; Factcheck lists some shotguns that would have been banned, complete with links to pictures. I like this one:

Jackhammer shotgun

Yeah, you fucking ducks better watch your asses! Jesus, it says it’s gas-operated. Looks cool I guess, if you’re into that sort of thing.

In other news, Spinsanity takes CAP to task. Being a counterweight to dishonest conservative hack think tanks requires that you not be dishonest hacks, you jackasses.

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  1. Fate
    November 1, 2004 at 4:40 pm

    That shotgun was never put into production though and only the prototypes exist. Gas operated isn’t that amazing, just slightly unusual for a shotgun. There are lots of hunting recoil operated semi-auto s and Beretta even makes a gas operated. Saiga has been making AK-47 style weapons in various calibers for years and they have a very nice Saiga 12 shotgun. The thing with pump shotguns though is that you have some versatility. If you can easily switch the type of rounds you are firing by quickly jamming rounds in in the middle of emptying the magazine. So if you were firing bean bag rounds you could quickly stuff in rubber pellet or tear gas rounds and then return to emptying the magazine of bean bag rounds. Shotguns also have so much kick that you aren’t ever going to be able to fire the gun with one hand so you’d have to have both hands on the weapon anyway. Winchester makes shotguns with SpeedPump that just require a slight push forward to load the next round as everything is unlocked by recoil. There Defender is an excellent (and cheap) shotgun. Police tend to carry the Mossberg 500 or 590 though because they are built slightly heavier and can be used as a melee weapon if need be (also why police weapons tend to have wood stocks rather than lightweigh polymer.. hard to use the butt of a polymer stock to smack someone over the head with). Which is also the reason why police carry enormouse D-cell Mag lights instead of lightweight rechargeable with hallogen/xenon/* bulbs. I’m actually kind of suprised they don’t just give up the act of not being a Big Brother military to keep the citizens under control and mount bayonets to their weapons.

  2. November 2, 2004 at 9:30 am

    Sadly, the article is proof that they do not have a person on their staff who understands firearms on even a basic level.

    Here’s the problem with their ‘facts’.

    First up, ALL centerfire rifle ammunition is capable of penetrating body armor. From the .218 Bee to the 45/70 Government, each and every one of them will go through even the heaviest vest that does not cover vital organs with ceramic armor plates and most of the heavier projectiles will go through those plates.

    Their point that the ammunition has to be determined by the Attorney General as being marketed as armor piercing. But what exactly does the marketing campaign have to include. Remington makes a ‘Bronze Point’ hunting round. The bronze point acts as a driving force making the projectile ‘mushroom’ for better stopping power. But if the AG doesn’t understand or care about the design of the bullet, he/she could easily determine that it is armor piercing. The same thing goes for ‘Hollow Point’ rifle rounds. And all it would take for the anit-gun advocates to ban the most popular rifle projectile “Jacketed Soft Point’ ammo would be for 1 police officer to get shot with one. After all, it would penetrate his body armor and it would kill him. Therefor it must be banned.

    And then whaddayaknow, all the so called ‘non-armor piercing hunting ammo’ has been banned.

    As for the Shotgun Ban portion of the article, both the Remington 870 Pump and the 1100 Semi-Auto can be easily modified with readily available aftermarket pieces. I own multiple Rem 870. One of them looks like the third one down in this link

    Another one looks like the one at the top and yet another one looks like the 4th one down. The difference in their function?


    One holds from 2 to 5 rounds and gets used for hunting and the others hold 7 or 8 and look scarier. I have owned an 1100 that held 10 rounds. All of the mods were done in under an hour and for less than $300.

    So, to make my point, Kerry was holding an assault shotgun that just didn’t look scary because the design of the gun itself would have to be modified so that the aftermarket parts would not be able to be added on to not qualify under the legislation he voted for.. Either way, their assumption that the gun Kerry was holding wouldn’t be banned under the law he voted on is wrong.

    Just because he doesn’t have any current legislation that proposes an extra tax on firearms or ammunition, and just because Kerry ‘doesn’t make clear’ how much of a tax he would want to impose, does not mean that he was taken out of context. His statement clearly proves that he would support a new tax on weapons and ammunition. Anyone who denies this is just being a partisian.

    In the second paragraph, it says “Kerry said he favored a punitive tax on what the interviewer described as “cop-killer” bullets designed to mushroom on impact”.

    That is either a baldfaced lie or sheer ignorance. You make the call.

    The so-called ‘cop-killer’ handgun bullets are coated with teflon so that they slide through the kevlar in the armor vests. “Mushrooming’ projectiles expand their surface area through hydrodynamics. The ‘mushrooming’ effect is directly opposite of what you want a bullet to do if you want it go through body armor as the effect slows down the projectile, thereby making it more difficult for it to pass through the armor. Standard ball ammunition, the cheapest stuff on the shelf, would stand a better chance of penetrating body armor than any hollow point round.

    Maybe FactCheck should get someone who knows something about the subject before they say that everything they say is factual.

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