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September 30, 2004 6 comments

I didn’t get to watch, just listen. My admittedly biased analysis is that Kerry did pretty well. Bush sounded a little whiny and defensive throughout. People keep saying that Bush’s facial expressions were annoyed and defensive, which sounds right, though I didn’t see it. Kerry was pretty good in countering Bush’s Iraq flip-flop charges. I think he was hurt when Lehrer asked him about the mistake line. But Kerry nailed Bush when he conflated Iraq and 9/11 again.

Sadly, the most important part is just beginning – the post-debate spin. I don’t know if Kerry will jump in the polls. I think he did well enough to, but as I said, I’m too biased to make a good judgement.

UPDATE: Oh yeah, as Kevin notes, Moo-laws?

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I have no patience, pt. 2

September 30, 2004 Leave a comment

So I bought Chain of Command today. But hey, I did read Matthew and Mark. That’s progress.

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Activist judges!

September 29, 2004 1 comment

Judge Blocks U.S. From Secret Searches

NEW YORK – Declaring that personal security is as important as national security, a judge Wednesday blocked the government from conducting secret, unchallengeable searches of Internet and telephone records as part of its fight against terrorism.

The American Civil Liberties Union (news – web sites) called the ruling a “landmark victory” against the Justice Department (news – web sites)’s post-Sept. 11 law enforcement powers.

“Today’s ruling is a wholesale refutation of excessive government secrecy and unchecked executive power,” said ACLU attorney Jameel Jaffer.

U.S. District Judge Victor Marrero struck down a provision of the Patriot Act that authorizes the FBI (news – web sites) to force Internet service providers and phone companies to turn over certain customer records. The companies are then barred from ever disclosing the search took place.

Stupid activist judges….deciding which laws are consitutional. The people should decide!

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Schweitzer leads by four points – Missoulian declares race 'even'

September 28, 2004 Leave a comment

Poll: Governor’s race ‘even’

HELENA – The race for governor of Montana is about even, with 45 percent of likely voters supporting Democrat Brian Schweitzer and 41 percent backing Republican Bob Brown, a Lee Newspapers poll last week shows.

Because Schweitzer’s 4 percentage point lead is within the poll’s margin of error of plus or minus 4 percentage points, the race between the two Whitefish men is considered “about even,” according to Associated Press polling guidelines. More than a month of campaigning remains before the Nov. 2 election.

Alright, I shouldn’t bash the Missoulian for saying the race is even, it’s common for the media to use the errant “if it’s within the margin of error, it’s meaningless” analysis. But normally the media doesn’t emphasize it like this. To point out, the poll shows that there’s an 85% chance Schweitzer is in the lead.

Could Montana really have a Democratic governor? Hasn’t happened for 15 years. Schweitzer’s been campaigning for a long time and it looks like he’s made a strong impression.

I’m more worried about the ban gay marriage amendment, which is favored by a nearly 2:1 margin. The medical marijuana initiative looks like it may pass, though. And the Cyanide mining ban looks like it’ll stay in place as well.

On a completely unrelated subject: Crank Yankers just pranked Scientific American. Pretty good.

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THIS is why I don't watch this show

September 28, 2004 Leave a comment

Some guy on O’Reilly just said that the difference between and the SBVT is that SBVT base their accusations on fact. They were discussing this ad by Moveon about Gallup. Oddly, they focused on the last paragraph of the ad and not on the actual factual claims in the ad, which are spot on and being made by Democrats in general, not the “far-left.”

In any case, I was watching the show to see his interview with Bush. Completely pointless. The idea that O’Reilly is a tough interviewer should go down in flames after this.

Oh wow, Fox has blogs!

Wow, these suck.

Oh, O’Reilly just ripped a Republican letter. Still doesn’t make up for the rest of the show.

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What? College kids actually do their course work?

September 27, 2004 Leave a comment

There won’t be any posting for the next two days, in all likelihood. I have a paper to write tonight and a math test to study for tomorrow. What that actually means is I’ll write half the paper tonight and leave the studying and other half of the paper to tomorrow night. The paper is a technical description of a program a friend and I wrote last semester. It’s not hard, but it takes more patience than I have to plow straight through it. Of course, it not being due until Wednesday helps this.

Hopefully I can blog the debate on Thursday, but I have to work, so we’ll see if I can watch it over the net.

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Weekend sports

September 26, 2004 Leave a comment

Pittsburgh 13 – Miami 3
Florida State 41 – Clemson 22
Colorado St. 39 – Montana State 14

And Ichiro is getting closer to a single season hits record.

So, 1 for 3 again. I’m now predicting 3 wins for Miami this year.

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