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Is she fooling anyone?

There’s a speech from Laura Bush up at Shrub’s website. Some interesting parts:

I’m proud that in my husband’s administration, there are more women in senior positions than in any other previous administration. (Applause.) Dr. Condoleezza Rice advises the President on foreign policy and Margaret Spellings is in charge of domestic policy. That means in the White House, women are in charge of everything abroad and everything at home. (Applause.) That sounds about right to me. (Applause.)

Who the hell is Margaret Spellings? Chatterbox investigated a while back, apparently. It doesn’t appear she really does much.

Over one-and-a-half million new jobs have been created since last July 2003.

She did NOT just say that, did she? Holy hell.

And the President expanded the system of community health care centers so that more people can receive health care regardless of their ability to pay.


And because frivolous lawsuits raised the cost of health care, the President wants to reform the medical liability system. (Applause.) The growing crisis of medical liability is a particular concern to women. Obstetricians have some of the highest liability premiums of all. And as their rates go up, doctors are retiring or relocating because they can’t afford to practice medicine. Women who’ve spent years building a trusting relationship with their OB/GYN are left searching for a new doctor, sometimes while they wait for the arrival of a new baby. We need medical liability reform. (Applause.)


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  1. August 27, 2004 at 6:12 am

    Laura Bush: because the women need to be misled, too.

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