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I got my copy yesterday. Overall it’s pretty good, but I’m not sure it’ll convince anyone that they’re right-wing. It’s definitely good at reinforcing that opinion if you already have it, though. The most convincing pieces of evidence are the guest study by FAIR and the PIPA poll, which are fairly well known. And I really wish they had shown Fox’s retort when confronted with Christine Amanpour’s comments about media coverage of the Iraq war.

Something I thought would be interesting to do, but wasn’t done, would be to look at all their commentary-ish shows (which they make a point about, saying Fox blurs the line between commentary and news) like Your World with Neil Cavuto and Fox & Friends and separate them from say, Fox News Live. I came away from the movie with a feeling that they themselves blurred the line between what Fox presents as news and what they present as commentary (the use of Hannity in certain segments is an example), though it is sometimes hard to tell.

Also interesting is in the FAIR article I linked to above (which is a newer survey), Special Report appears to have improved:

The five-to-one conservative-to-progressive imbalance is actually a marked improvement from FAIR’s 2002 study, which found that “left-of-center” guests—three percent of the total—were outnumbered 14 to one. In the 2002 study, however, conservative dominance was less marked, at 48 percent of total guests.

Is Fox reacting to liberal pressure?

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