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Around the Coalition

I’ve been slacking in this department, so here goes.

Limbaugh doesn’t watch mainstream media outlets. Fits right in with our president, I guess.

In a few more years, they’ll probably just hire random bloggers to run Iraq.

HLVictoria talks about the U.S. loss of international students (from a couple weeks ago).

Echidne does a number of the idea of unregulated health care markets.

Trish excerpts some of the skepticism over the Berg decapitation video.

Musing rebuts Orcinus (but we still love Orcinus).

Apparently, nurses are a great idea in crime prevention.

Gen. Zinni on the attack. Tireless the guy is.

You’re not missing anything by not knowing the rest of those bands. Other than maybe Zakk Wylde being a guitarist for Ozzy’s solo stuff. I’m still hoping for a real Black Sabbath reunion with a cd release. They keep promising and it never happens.

Pt. 2 tomorrow.

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  1. June 1, 2004 at 8:47 pm

    Supposedly they are going to do a reunion tour this summer. At least if they can keep Ozzy off the ATVs…..Paranoid is my Favorite Ozzy album. I even had the 8 Track. lol

    But as for those other bands, I am sure I’m not missing much. And since my son likes “guitar music” I am sure I’ll find out about them eventually, lol….

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