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Saw this over at Pandagon, where Jesse says about all you can say about this, seeing as it’s hard to express your jaw dropping in text, but it’s worthy of posting just because. John Derbyshire at NRO:

Now, the trend in current research on homosexuality, if I have understood it correctly, suggests that the homosexual orientation is indeed mostly congenital � the result of events in the mother’s womb, or in early infancy, with perhaps some slight genetic predisposition. The thing is, in short, mainly biochemical � part of a person’s physical make-up.

Supposing this is true, let us conduct a wee thought experiment � admittedly a fanciful one. A young woman in the late stages of pregnancy, or carrying a small infant, shows up at her doctor’s office. “Doctor,” she asks, “is there some kind of test you can do to tell me if my child is likely to become a homosexual adult?” The doctor says yes, there is. “And,” the woman continues, “suppose the test is positive � would that be something we can fix? I mean, is there some sort of medical, or genetic, or biochemical intervention we can do at this stage, to prevent that happening?” The doctor says yes, there is. “How much does the test cost? And supposing it’s positive, how much does the fix cost?” The doctor says $50, and $500. The woman takes out her checkbook.

Of course this is not happening anywhere in the U.S.A. right now. If my understanding of the state of current research is correct, however, it might very well be happening on a daily basis ten years from now.

If this really comes to pass, the results will be curious and interesting. They will not necessarily bring an end to homosexuality right away. No test, and no $500 fix, is likely to be 100 percent effective. Also, there must be some few borderline cases who “turn,” or get “turned” quite late in life. For sure, though, if such a thing becomes reality, there will suddenly be a vast reduction in the numbers of homosexuals. From the current proportion � from 1 to 4 percent � of the population, we might, in a couple of generations, see a drop to, perhaps, 0.01 percent.

That would be a radically different situation. It would also be a very miserable one for homosexuals, as they became an aging, fading cohort, with practically no younger people of their inclination to socialize with. The situation would also be self-reinforcing: As more and more parents took the test and got the fix, the loneliness facing homosexuals would become so dire that no person of conscience could think of raising a person who might become homosexual. The fix might even be applicable later in life, with adult homosexuals “converting” en masse.

In which case, there would be someone, somewhere, who was the last homosexual. What a situation! Think what a playwright or a novelist could do with it!

Ahem. Since it’s apparently self evident that we need to get rid of gay people, when we have the technology to do so it’s going to be so great! It’s kind of astonishing to see that kind of hate even in such a crazy right-wing publication like National Review. If you don’t want gay people to marry that’s one thing, but to actually go on an unlikely fantasy trip about getting rid of them all and gleefully thinking about there being none left is quite another. These people scare me, and I’m not even gay.

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  1. May 21, 2004 at 9:17 am

    It has all the makings and the attractions of Nazi experiments with eugenics. The only upside is that if a mother wants to change her fetus from gay to straight, it’s better that the gay child isn’t going to be raised in a family that would reject him or her because of sexual orientation.

    …and I’m not even gay. Hmm. Another challenge. (I’m so close to that toaster oven…)

  2. t
    May 22, 2004 at 3:36 am

    Wow the hypocracy… (over at the NRO, wherever)… it seems far more likely that after such a test, the ‘solution’ would be an abortion….
    And of course the notion that gays were created in gods image is right out the window…

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