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Happy Birthday to me

May 28, 2004 5 comments

I’m not a teenager anymore, w00t!

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Nothing to say

May 27, 2004 5 comments

Eh, not much to say, really. Mostly, I have rather insignificant things on my mind.

Why was there no save point after this crazy spider boss lady in Ninja Gaiden? Should I watch more of my Stargate SG-1 DVDs, an early birthday present for myself? Will my CDs (other early (maybe) birthday present) come tomorrow? Working at 4 am on Friday is going to suck. I have to get up earlier tomorrow. And earlier means 10 am.

And, um, Bush sucks, or something.

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When sovereignty isn't sovereignty

May 25, 2004 1 comment

As anyone with a half a brain has noticed, the sovereignty to be transferred on June 30 is kind of lacking:

Though the U.S.-led occupation will end on June 30 and an interim Iraqi government will be installed, more than 135,000 U.S. forces and 19,000 troops from Britain and other nations will remain.

White House spokesman Scott McClellan said Monday that the Bush administration envisions that, under the U.N. resolution, the multinational force would remain under the control of U.S. military commanders.

The resolution does not say whether the Iraqis would be able to ask U.S. and other international troops to leave the country. It states “the importance of the consent of the sovereign government of Iraq for the presence of the multinational force.”

But it only authorizes the “Transitional Government of Iraq” to review the mandate of the multinational force. That government won’t be chosen until after elections planned to take place by Jan. 31.

So, they can make sovereign decisions, except for the most important one, foreign troops on your soil. Oh, but they’ll figure it out later:

But the relationship between the multinational force and the new Iraqi government will be spelled out in an exchange of letters with the interim government, once it is created, senior British officials said.

Eh, we’ll get to it. But, I mean, you know how the mail is, it takes SO long to get stuff, it may be a while.

But really, are they actually going to ask us to leave? No. So what’s the problem?

And don’t forget, the Iraq war was crippling blow to terrorism.

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Around the Coalition pt. 2

May 24, 2004 Leave a comment

Mitt Romney is crazy.

of the liberal America-hating computer scientists!

More Berg conspiracy theories.

Bush and colleges.

T. Rex turned 6 a week or so ago.

Amount of support for Sadr not encouraging.

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Around the Coalition

May 24, 2004 1 comment

I’ve been slacking in this department, so here goes.

Limbaugh doesn’t watch mainstream media outlets. Fits right in with our president, I guess.

In a few more years, they’ll probably just hire random bloggers to run Iraq.

HLVictoria talks about the U.S. loss of international students (from a couple weeks ago).

Echidne does a number of the idea of unregulated health care markets.

Trish excerpts some of the skepticism over the Berg decapitation video.

Musing rebuts Orcinus (but we still love Orcinus).

Apparently, nurses are a great idea in crime prevention.

Gen. Zinni on the attack. Tireless the guy is.

You’re not missing anything by not knowing the rest of those bands. Other than maybe Zakk Wylde being a guitarist for Ozzy’s solo stuff. I’m still hoping for a real Black Sabbath reunion with a cd release. They keep promising and it never happens.

Pt. 2 tomorrow.

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May 20, 2004 3 comments

I just got slammed with spam and accidentally deleted the last 20 comments with Blacklist, except for Heliologue’s latest. Mostly spam, but plenty of real ones. Oh well.

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Damn vermin

May 20, 2004 Leave a comment

Ten die as Israeli tanks fire on peaceful protest

Israeli forces fired tank shells into a peaceful Palestinian protest during the ongoing assault on Rafah refugee camp yesterday, killing at least 10 people – mostly children – and critically wounding many others.

The army described the incident as “very grave”, claimed it had only fired “warning shots” and said there was no intention to harm civilians. But it attempted to shift responsibility for the carnage to the several thousand demonstrators by saying some were armed.

We didn’t fire at them but if we had it would be perfectly fine because they were armed. So, if it is OK to fire on them if armed, and they were armed, why didn’t they shoot at them? It’s all so confusing.

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