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This could be a slow couple of weeks…

December 27, 2003 4 comments

…seeing as I just had another stretch of not being able to access the blog. It doesn’t go down for most people it seems, but I happen to be the one that matters most (not to downplay the importance of all visitors, of course. Even Analog_Kid.). So, business to take care of:

Chris Brown’s entry again, because of a screw up on TTLB&’s site.

Anyway, posting will be nonexistent tomorrow, Monday, and probably Tuesday. And of course, any other time that I can’t access the blog. Regular posting will begin again after January 13th or so, when I go back to school. In the meantime, I’ll try to post at least sparsely, but I have DVDs to watch and books to read.

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Do these people have nothing better to do?

December 23, 2003 3 comments

Inspired by Patrick over at Poison Kitchen, I’m going to rant a moment on a similar subject. Some silly person wrote a letter (scroll down) to the Missoulian about the subject:

Evidently the proponents of multiculturalism and the church-and-state separationists are winning their battle against traditional American culture. This is very evident at the Christmas season where the meaning of Christmas to Christians is being removed from public view. Even the traditional “Merry Christmas” has been replaced by “Happy Holidays.”

As a youth I greatly enjoyed this season because of the Christmas carols. They were played everywhere: in the stores, on the radio, on the downtown street corners and especially in the schools. Now, as I attend my grandchildren’s “Holiday Season” programs, no traditional carols are sung. Instead the kids sing about snowflakes, children in faraway lands and about faraway religions.

Perhaps all of this is for the good as it gives equal time to all religious beliefs and to all foreign cultures. However, I believe that the cost of this is the loss of a unifying factor that has made our country great. Is this what our founding fathers envisioned?

My objection can be summed up thusly: WHO FUCKING CARES? I mean, “happy holidays” instead of “merry Christmas”? Come on. Your kid doesn’t sing some traditional Christmas songs? Well, that’s just horrible. Does this really make any kind of difference at all? Is someone stopping YOU from listening to them? Are you really complaining about a lack of Christmas spirit or something? I love the holiday season (Oh no! The secularists are taking over me!) atmosphere, but I certainly wouldn’t care if there was zero of it. We don’t see Jews complaining about a lack of Chanukah decorations, do we? Oh, there is the reason he gives, it’s removing a “unifying factor.” Well, I certainly don’t want us unified by religion. That kind of thing has a bit of a sketchy past.

Maybe I just don’t get it. Anyway, Happy Holidays.

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I am speechless

December 22, 2003 2 comments

Though, not because I’m shocked or something, I just have nothing to say. So, I’m going to ramble for a bit, and hopefully someone finds it interesting.

This is the most addicting game ever. And disregard the URL, the game has nothing to do with anything offensive in the least. I can make it to level 8.

The Dish Network is cool, because they have FSTV. They were playing a Chomsky talk. Which is impressive.

“And if a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without His notice, is it probable that an empire can rise without His aid?” A Ben Franklin quote from the Cheneys’ Christmas card. But we’re not on a crusade. Really.

I saw a huge billboard outside of Coeur d’Alene demanding that we get out of the UN. I wonder if these are the same people the claim UN helicopters are landing around the Yaak river up here?

There’s another couple billboards, outside of Missoula, just on the border of the Flathead Indian Reservation, that advertise fireworks. There’s a sign just before the stand, saying turn right, then another sign after the stand saying “you just past it.”

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Calvin and Hobbes Sunday Monday

December 22, 2003 Leave a comment

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Before I forget

December 20, 2003 Leave a comment

TTLB& showcase& voting time! This week it’s: What’s so wrong about peace, love and higher taxes?

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Pay articles suck

December 20, 2003 3 comments

Well, I was going to comment on Rick Bass’s article in Mother Jones, but there’s no online link to the article, and I haven’t actually read it. So yeah, that hampers it a bit. Mostly, I just wanted to make fun of him. Even though it’s a good article, according to the synopsis I listened to, he’s kind of an ass.

He’s an environmentalist, and a bit strange. This is the guy who was part of the group who was trying to stop the cutting down of some dead trees in an area near here, because they said they were actually alive. Evidence? Well, they were green at the top. Of course, they wouldn’t actually cut into the tree to see if there was still sap running (the best way to check), because that would hurt the tree. But, other people did, and there was no sap running, the trees were dead, and the green left would disappear soon. This is also the guy who shot an elk, thinking it was a moose (maybe the other way around, I can’t remember exactly). You can make your own judgement about the hunting part (and his mystical connections to animals, which apparently don’t deter him from shooting them), but he can’t tell the difference between those two? Quite the environmentalist.

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Is nothing sacred?

December 20, 2003 Leave a comment

Christmas Vacation 2

The horror. I’m not even going to watch it. At least it has one of the original characters. This and the new Garfield movie, I swear.

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