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The factually lacking Bill O'Reilly

September 18, 2003 Leave a comment Go to comments

Lovely Talking Points from O’Reilly yesterday:

The left wing in America strikes back. That is the subject of this evening’s Talking Points Memo. Hitler’s minister of propaganda Joseph Goebbels (search) once said “if you tell a lie often enough, it becomes the truth.” Right now there’s huge money flowing into far left propaganda machines and it is being used to demonize President Bush any way possible.

Of course, we saw the same thing when President Clinton was in office. The far-right pounded him all day long. But that doesn’t excuse the scorched earth tactics of the left now, which are becoming increasingly vicious and unfair.

Here’s an example. The Boston Globe editorial page is about as liberal as it gets. And that’s fine. It has the right. And the Globe’s coverage of the Iraqi war was generally straight. But in the last two days, four op-eds have appeared in the Globe pounding the Bush administration. One of them even called Bush “the ultimate suicide bomber.”

You have to give him some credit, the left uses that Goebbels quote quite a bit, so it’s fairly clever to turn it around at us. But stupid, because he can’t cite one lie the left has made about Bush’s policy. And the author of that op-ed explains his reasoning, which O’Reilly is allowed to disagree with. But he would much rather just pull the quote and say “Look what these people are doing, sheesh.” And it’s no worse than his network equating a CNN reporter with al Qaeda.

Now we all know that politics is a very dirty game with smear merchants on all sides. But right now, the left is booked a full roster of character assassins. I mean these guys make Donald Segretti (search) and the Nixon plumber unit look like the Muppets.

Name one. Name a character assasination. Find an assertion not backed up by a valid criticism of Bush’s policies. And another question, did you ever do a segment like this about the right anytime during the 90s? I bet not. Where’s your balance? Oh that’s right, it’s in the same place your network’s is.

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