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War crime vote fuels US

War crime vote fuels US anger at Europe

The US has bitterly attacked European leaders for trying to stop the
UN security council voting tomorrow to renew America’s exemption from
prosecution by the new war crimes tribunal.

The Bush administration has accused the EU of “actively undermining”
American efforts to protect its peacekeepers from prosecution by the
international criminal court, which was set up to try cases of
genocide, war crimes and systematic human rights abuses.

This baffles me. Well, not really. It baffles me how anyone could see
this and agree with it. If you are truly a humanitarian nation, you
wouldn’t need to worry about being prosecuted for war crimes. But, as
The Daily Show so eloquently put it, “this is part of the U.S.’s new
foreign policy: We do whatever the hell we want, you
do……….whatever the hell we want.”
Well, that’s close to a quote.

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