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Posting will be lax……. today

June 13, 2003 Leave a comment

Posting will be lax…….

today and this weekend, most likely.

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The arrogance of it all

June 11, 2003 Leave a comment

The arrogance of it all

Rumsfeld Chides Europeans for Lack of ‘Vision’

BRUSSELS, Belgium — On his first visit to Germany since the war in
Iraq, U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld revived the issue of
Western European opposition to the conflict, suggesting it resulted
from a lack of vision.


“The key, I believe, is that even as they are busy looking inward
and rebuilding their economies and societies, they have had the vision
to look outward as well, to find ways they can contribute to a more
peaceful and secure world,” he said.

“It suggests that the distinction between old and new in Europe
today is really not a matter of age or size or even geography. It is
really a matter of attitude — of the vision that countries bring to the
trans-Atlantic relationship.”

But at the same time:

German Arrested in France Is a ‘Top Al Qaeda Boss’

French warship brings 532 to safety from Liberia

The French military led the multinational evacuation, code-named
”Operation Providence.” It took out about 100 Americans and 80
French, as well as more than 100 Lebanese the merchant class of West
Africa. There were also Indians, English and citizens of dozens of
other countries, including one Nepalese.

Boy, “old Europe” seems to be pretty helpful. It seems more like the
U.S. lacks the vision to succeed in battling terrorism. Because
creating thousands of bin Ladens (perpetrator of 9/11 or not) by
attacking Afghanistan, Iraq and whoever comes next is obviously not the

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Pay articles on the net

June 11, 2003 Leave a comment

Pay articles on the net suck

You can only see the first paragraph or so, but that alone says plenty: Censorship of the press in Iraq.

Paul Bremer has ordered his legal department in Baghdad to draw up
rules for press censorship. A joke, I concluded, when one of the newly
styled Coalition Provisional Authority officials tipped me off last
week. But no, it really is true. Two months after “liberating” Iraq,
the Anglo-American authorities and their boss Paul Bremer – whose habit
of wearing combat boots with a black suit continues to amaze his
colleagues – have decided to control the new and free Iraqi press.

We took their guns, as well. I’m guessing protesting is only allowed so
the pundits can say “this is something the Iraqi’s haven’t been able to
do since the beginning of Saddam’s rule.” So they’re only sorta
liberated. But we’re safer, right? Well, if by safer you mean a spike
in Al-Qaeda’s recruitment and missing WMDs, which were shipped out of
the country, destroyed, or were never there in the first place. None of
which mean we are really safer than we were before. But we’ve brought
Middle East peace closer to reality, right? Uhhhh, we’ll just skip that

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War crime vote fuels US

June 11, 2003 Leave a comment

War crime vote fuels US anger at Europe

The US has bitterly attacked European leaders for trying to stop the
UN security council voting tomorrow to renew America’s exemption from
prosecution by the new war crimes tribunal.

The Bush administration has accused the EU of “actively undermining”
American efforts to protect its peacekeepers from prosecution by the
international criminal court, which was set up to try cases of
genocide, war crimes and systematic human rights abuses.

This baffles me. Well, not really. It baffles me how anyone could see
this and agree with it. If you are truly a humanitarian nation, you
wouldn’t need to worry about being prosecuted for war crimes. But, as
The Daily Show so eloquently put it, “this is part of the U.S.’s new
foreign policy: We do whatever the hell we want, you
do……….whatever the hell we want.”
Well, that’s close to a quote.

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Your days of influencing bands

June 11, 2003 Leave a comment

Your days of influencing bands are over

From Blistering:

In the same interview, Hammett predicted that METALLICA’s new album
would influence other metal bands to play harder and faster once again
and implied that another well-known arena act has already pulled the
plug on their new release after getting an advance earful of “St.

“I have a suspicion that once this album drops and people hear it
everywhere, I just have this suspicion that bands are gonna get heavier
and start playing faster again,” Kirk said. “I just have a suspicion
that they are.

If St. Anger makes any band want to do the same thing as Metallica,
they should be shot. The title track is one of the worst songs in
history. This coming from someone who likes Metallica
up-to-and-including the Black album, and can stand Load/ReLoad. But St.
Anger is just horrible. Of course, it’s not surprising.

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You can have guns, but

June 10, 2003 Leave a comment

You can have guns, but not Shania Twain

points out Wal-Mart’s hypocrisy in hiding mags like Maxim and FHM while
allowing gun mags to continue to be sold.
It’s pretty pathetic that our culture is much more afraid of sex than
violence. Look at the attacks directed toward the Clintons, and the
lack of questioning over the WMD issue. It’s sad, and a bit scary,

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Roadmap to……………where was it, again?

June 10, 2003 Leave a comment

Roadmap to……………where was it, again?

Israel attempts assasination of HAMAS leader.

Hamas Vows Revenge After Attack by Israel

This must be a detour on the Roadmap. Or it’s one really fucked up roadmap to peace.

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