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More catching up on what

More catching up on what I missed: Prosecutors Seek to Limit Questioning in Terror Trial

WASHINGTON, April 23 — The Justice Department is seeking broad new
powers to prosecute terrorist defendants by urging an appeals court to
deny Zacarias Moussaoui the right to question a captured member of Al
Qaeda who features prominently in his indictment, according to a newly
declassified court brief made public today.

In the brief, which was classified as top secret when it was filed
last month, the department said Mr. Moussaoui had no right to seek
testimony from the captured Qaeda member, despite Mr. Moussaoui’s claim
that the testimony would prove he is not guilty. Mr. Moussaoui is the
only person charged in an American court with conspiring in the
terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.

“An alien seized and detained abroad as an enemy combatant in the
midst of a war is beyond the court’s power to compel his presence for
testimony,’ the department said in the brief filed with an appeals
court in Richmond, Va.

This really doesn’t make any sense. Even if there is some kind of
loophole that would disallow questioning by Moussaoui, why would you
not want to hear it? If they’re sure he’s guilty, what would they have
to fear by allowing him to question the member of Al Qaeda? At the risk
of sounding like a conspiracy theorist, what do they want to hide? Is
it just public relations, i.e. you have to convict somebody? Unsettling
to say the least; what risk does the truth pose?

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