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Strangest thing I've read in

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Strangest thing I’ve read in a while:

Germans Feel Tensions at New Mexico Air Force Base

“Vera Kieren, a teacher at the Deutsche Schule, said it happened
when her husband told a convenience store cashier recently that their
daughter did not drink Coca-Cola.

“The cashier said, ‘But she does live in this country, doesn’t she?’
” said Kieren, who moved to Alamogordo with her family three years ago
from Baden-Baden, in southwestern Germany.

“It’s been a bit tense for us with the issues in Iraq,” Kieren said,
surprised at the implication that any right-thinking parents in the
United States would have their children drinking Coca-Coca.”

I feel a new marketing slogan coming soon: “Drink Coca-Cola. All the REAL Americans do.”


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Cheers to Skippy for linking

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Cheers to Skippy for linking to me.

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Ok, Orlando just got slaughtered.

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Ok, Orlando just got slaughtered. Stupid Pistons. They’re still up 3-2, though. They’ll close ’em out next game.

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I should be studying, and

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I should be studying, and I’m now irritated because I just typed out this post but erased it by going back in IE. But I found this on fox news (no caps on purpose; they don’t deserve it):

“‘They were wrong on every level going into this conflict … every
prediction has been proven false,’ said Sean Hannity, radio talk show
host and co-host of Fox News’ Hannity and Colmes. “It’s really all
built on a foundation of antipathy and animosity toward George Bush.”

I’m not entirely sure what we were wrong about. There have been no WMDs
found, no credible links to Al-Qaeda, we were not greeted
whole-heartedly as liberators, and recent reports have told us that the
gov’t was lying (or “over-emphasizing”). I’ve been trying to find a
picture on the statue fall to compare it to pics of the protests that
went on not long ago, but haven’t found one yet. I think we’d find that
the protestors have the greater numbers. I’m getting sick of this “We
were right because we won” argument. No one doubted that we’d win. Most
figured it would be quickly. It looks to me like we were proven right.
Oh, and the article’s date says May 01, 2003. Now, it isn’t even
Thursday on the East coast yet. Pretty symbolic. Fox is always getting
ahead of themselves.

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Ya know the end of

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Ya know the end of The O’Reilly Factor, when they show a side shot of
him, and he marks with his pen on a piece of paper? Doesn’t he look
like Mr. Wilson when he does that? Or at least Mr. Wilson from one of
the movies. So that would be, Walter Matthau, I think. Either way, he
seems like he should be yelling “Get off my lawn!” or something.

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Why oh why is the

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Why oh why is the Orlando Magic game on NBA TV? Bastards. Who the hell gets NBA TV?

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You can now comment on

April 30, 2003 Leave a comment

You can now comment on a specific post. Please do, any feedback is welcome.

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