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My name is Jeff and I’m a software engineer living in Jonesborough, Tennessee. I lived in Montana until very recently. Seven years in Troy and then nine in Bozeman. My family moved out West when I was three and now I’m most of the way back to where I was born. I graduated from Montana State University with a degree in Computer Science in May of 2006.

I started reading blogs at the beginning of 2003. Actually, I can pinpoint the day: February 26th, 2003. Don’t worry, I don’t have that memorized; I was able to find the message board post pointing me to This Modern World, the first blog I started reading. After that it sort of ballooned into all sorts of blogs, such as Altercation and Daily Howler.

Then, for reasons I’m still not sure about, I started my own blog in May of 2003. Like most people, I started at Blogspot. That was sorta cool, though most of my posts were sarcastic one-liners about various news items, the occasional comment about the administration having something to do with 9/11, etc. You know, far-left sort of stuff. I think I’m past that now. After a couple of hiatuses, I moved to a Movable Type blog on webspace I had as a CS major. I was never really comfortable with that and eventually I moved to my own domain and space. A bit later, I switched to WordPress, the best blogging software out there.

Outside of this site, I was one of the bloggers at the short lived Blogs for Bush Rebutted site in the summer of 2004. I also helped start the ill-fated ProgressMontana with Matt Singer and the Montana State College Democrats website (since taken over and revamped by someone else). I did some volunteer website work for Lynea Seher’s campaign for Gallatin County Commissioner. I also blog at Montana Netroots on occasion.

A word about the content of this blog: I write about pretty much every subject that interests me. Looking at what I don’t write about and inferring an opinion from that isn’t a good idea, as I try to write about stories or issues that I have something useful to say about, not just everything that irritates or interests me on a daily basis. I also want to point out that I have virtually no formal education on the subjects I tend write about. They’re my opinions and thoughts and the facts I use to support them may be incorrect. You rely on them without corroboration at your own risk.

If you were wondering, this blog’s name comes from a Soilwork song called Generation Speedkill. No real reason behind it; I picked it to use for online stuff (like forum user names) and couldn’t think of anything else to call my blog.

  1. November 16, 2006 at 11:14 am


    i just found your blog on jon tester’s website.
    though i reside in San Francisco, i donated to tester’s campaign and now want to help him help small family farmers.
    check out a blog from a trip guillermo payer (founder of localharvest.org) and i took last summer. it was a trial trip for a larger journey we now feel should be taken to montana.

    a community nutrition educator, i’m out to change the way we talk about nutrition by focusing on local foods and sustainable food systems. we are a bit irreverant with our teachings; no one leaves our classes not understanding the difference between whole foods and the processed foods sold by giant food corporations, and that their food dollars are votes for a better food system.

    i’m going to approach tester sometime soon, when we have a plan in place, and see if we might help him help montana farmers by doing some programming in the state. in the meantime, i’m going to try to connect with others who might share our interests and wouldn’t mind a visit from two nutty motorcyclists/food activists when we/if we do get ourselves out to your neck of the woods.

    megan e. hanson

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